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How much does this service cost?

The basics are as follows. You can record any book in our library entirely for free. Once you’re satisfied with your recording you’ll need to pay for it within 24 hours. Most of our books are priced at $6.99. Some are more, some are less, and a few are totally free. We also have a subscription offer Follow us on Twitter (@astorybeforebed) for deals and sales.

I get to Step 2 of recording and I get no video signal in any camera choice. (MAC)

1. Close any apps that are running that use the webcam. Skype for example.
2. Close any open browsers.
3. Remove Apple’s Facetime Beta from your computer.
4. Finally, you must uninstall Google voice and video if you have ever loaded it to your hard drive. (On Mac OS, that translates to: Finder–>Macintosh HD –> Library –> Application Support –> Google –> Google voice uninstall –> type in your password –> double click –> OK) (For Windows, simply go into your installed programs, uninstall Google voice and video and then delete its folder. Reboot your system.)

I get to Step 2 of recording and I get no video signal in any camera choice. (WINDOWS)

1. Close any apps that are running that use the webcam. Skype for example.
2. Close any tray apps that use the webcam (look in the bottom right hand corner of your window to the left of the clock and right click on the icons and choose exit).
3. Close any open browsers.
4. Reboot your web browser. (If Internet Explorer isn’t working, try Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.)

On some of the books, the text is too small to read.

We do our best to represent the books in their original form. And since they weren’t originally designed for the screen, the text can be smallish sometimes. The first thing to do is to make sure your web browser is maximized to fill the entire screen. (The bigger the window, the bigger the text.) If that’s not enough, Each of the major operating systems has a magnifier tool you can use to boost up the size of whatever you’re looking at on screen. Here are instructions for each system: MacOS, Windows 7, and Windows XP. On an iPad or iPhone just pinch and zoom the page to zoom in.

Can I record a story without a webcam?

Currently there is no way to record a story without a webcam.

A Story Before Bed isn’t working in my web browser.

A Story Before Bed requires Google Chrome 7+, Mozilla Firefox 4+, Apple Safari 4+, or Internet Explorer 8+. We built our website using the latest techniques and technologies. This makes it faster and easier to use. Unfortunately, older browsers don’t support those technologies.

Flash isn’t working in my web browser.

A Story Before Bed requires the Flash plug-in from Adobe to work. If you don’t have flash installed, please go to Adobe’s Flash install page to install the plug-in. When you’re done installing you may need to restart your web browser. If the Adobe Flash plug-in has already been installed, you may need to upgrade to a more recent version, or even uninstall and reinstall the plug-in. If you’re still having problems with Flash, please look at Adobe’s support page.

I registered with A Story Before Bed but never got the confirmation e-mail.

Sometimes e-mails may take a few minutes to arrive once sent. Additionally, please check your Inbox rules, spam filters, and Junk Mail folder to see if our confirmation e-mail has been inadvertently filed as “junk”.

The audio and/or video isn’t working for my story.

If you are having problems getting audio and video to show up for your story, please try the following steps. First, please confirm that you have a webcam. On desktop computers the webcam is usually a small camera that plugs into the computer’s USB port. Typically these devices have microphones built into them as well. If you’re using a laptop computer, more recent ones often have the webcam built into them. You can usually see a small camera centered and above the screen of the laptop. If you can’t find a webcam attached to or built-in to your PC or Macintosh computer then you’ll need to get one. A Story Before Bed doesn’t work without a webcam.

If you have a webcam that’s not built-in to your computer, please confirm that it is plugged in to the USB port of your PC.

When you choose to record a story using A Story Before Bed, you will be asked to complete three steps to configure your webcam and microphone. In the first step you will be asked to press an “allow” button giving our website access to your webcam and microphone. In the next step you’ll be asked if you can see the video. In this step the camera will cycle through a variety of settings until you see the live picture on your screen. Keep trying again until you see the live picture on your screen. Once the picture appears, go on to step three. In the third and final step you’ll be asked if the meter is moving when you speak. If the microphone is working, the meter should move when it hears a sound. Speak in the voice you’ll use to record the book and watch the meter move. If there’s no movement, try additional settings until the meter moves. Once you see it responding to your voice, adjust the level slider so the meter stays in the green. Then you’re ready to record your book.

I can’t get the microphone meter into the green. or
The audio for my story is too loud or distorted, or too soft to hear, even though the meter was green.

Your computer has an additional microphone input volume control that may need to be turned down to avoid distortion, or turned up if the audio isn’t loud enough. On a Macintosh you can find it in System Preferences, in the Sound panel. On Windows, the control varies, but start by right-clicking the speaker icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Can I see what my recording looks like before I pay for it?

After you record your book you’ll be able to preview it before you save it. If you don’t like your recording you can redo it before you save. Once you save, your recording is considered done and can’t be changed anymore.

I recorded a book but it’s not showing up in my bookcase.

Unfinished books show up on the right side of your “My Books” page in a section titled “Recordings in Progress”. There are three cases where a recording may end up in that list. 1) You started recording the book but didn’t finish it. Simply click on the book to finish recording, or do your entire recording over. 2) You finished the recording, but you didn’t choose “Save”. Click on the book in the Recordings in Progress list, and hit “Save”. 3) You saved the recording but have yet to pay for it. Click on the book in the Recordings in Progress list and follow the instructions to pay for your book. If you recorded a book, but did not pay for it within 24 hours, then it will be deleted from your Recordings in Progress. If one of your recordings has been deleted, feel free to record any book you like anew. Just make sure to pay for it within 24 hours.

Can I share a recording with someone without giving them access to my account?

Yes. Go to the recorded book of your choice. You can copy and paste the address of that webpage from your web browser into an e-mail and share it with friends and family of your choosing.

The video of the recording I made looks fuzzy or pixelated.

A Story Before Bed depends on Adobe’s Flash plug-in to compress and upload video from your webcam while you read. This is so you won’t need to install any additional plug-ins or software to use our site. Unfortunately, the current state-of-the-art does not always allow for our recordings to be as high quality as your webcam may be capable of delivering. We are working hard to improve video quality over time. Thanks for your patience.

I don’t see the Children’s book I want.

We are working hard with publishers every day to add more books to our growing library. You can suggest a book you like by entering it on the suggestion page. Thanks for your suggestions. We’ll do our best. You can follow us on twitter @astorybeforebed to be notified when new books arrive in our bookstore.

Can I download a recorded book? Burn a DVD of it?

A Story Before Bed does not currently have this functionality.

Can I watch the recorded books on my iPhone/smartphone?

Absolutely. We have an app in the Apple App store that works on iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads for viewing your recorded stories. Our app even supports recording books on iPad2.

We don’t support Android devices at this time. But we’ll keep you posted if and when we do.

Can I talk to someone to help me resolve the problem I’m having with the site?

Of course. A Story Before Bed provides free 1-800 tech support, Wednesday through Sunday from 4pm-1am Eastern time. You can also e-mail us 24 hours a day for free e-mail support at:

I’m still unhappy. Can I get my money back?

We’re sorry that you’re still unhappy. If you’ve concluded that there’s no way we can fix the problem you’re having with our site, or if it’s simply not what you were expecting, go to your account page. Any recording you’ve purchased in the last 7 days should have a button next to it called “Refund”. Simply click the button and we’ll give you your money back. No hassle. If you wouldn’t mind, we’d love to know what we could have done better. Put it on the refund form or send us mail at to let us know.