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A Story Before Bed lets students, teachers, and even parents record videos of themselves reading from a large collection of online children's books. Unlimited playback of recordings is available on iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC.


“I am a special education teacher and I had seen your site and was trying to find a way to get the money to join. Thanks you so much for offering this to teachers. I know my students will enjoys many countless hours of hearing the stories read to them. All of them have multiple disabilities and are unable to read on their own but have the ability to turn pages with a computer and listen. I know they will love the independence of listening to a story they choose without the assistance of an adult.”


“Thank you soooooo much!!!! I just want to tell you what an amazing resource this is. My students very rarely have a chance to leave the city of Chicago or even their violent neighborhood. My family and friends are able to read these amazing stories to them all across the country and add details about themselves!”


“I'm really excited about trying out your product not only to keep in touch with my nephews in the US but also because I'm a school librarian at an international school here in the UK and I think this could be such a great thing for many of our students and their families.”


“Great speaking with you today. Our school excited to partner with you. Having our primary students use their ipad to listen to stories read by family and friends is a huge benefit.”


“I’m a first grade teacher. We are in a first and second grade building and many of my students don’t have the capability of having adults read to them at home because they speak a second language. The staff at my school was more than willing to help. Even the superintendent and the assistant superintendent decided they wanted to read books too. I’m able to use the smartboard in my classroom to project books so students can listen and watch the books on a larger scale within the room. I can do it in a large group or a small group dependent on my needs. We can stop the book, and talk about it using the pause feature. I use A Story Before Bed on my Mac and on my iPad. ”


“Just wanted to let you know that we've had teacher workshops all week and have been referencing your site to all our participants. They loved it! Best of all, I showed it on my Ipad2! Thanks for all the updates and the service.”


“It was great speaking with you today.. it means a lot that you personally answer your phone.”


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